Felix Westin's Website

This is me! Hi there!

My name is Felix Westin. I'm a Swede making games and graphics since 2010.
Currently I am employed by Pugstorm as Lead Render Programmer.
Below is a list of things I've worked on that I am proud of enough to display on a website.


In 2022, I joined the team at Pugstorm as Lead Render Programmer to work on Core Keeper. I am responsible for all things graphics and performance related and also dabble in effects sometimes.

In 2021, I was hired by 10 Chambers to help bring GTFO out of early access, and for my duration there I worked on the game as its main Render Programmer. As such I was responsible for all things shader related, and I also worked with gameplay systems every now and then. I also did research and built prototypes for future projects.

UHAWK is my virtual reality air combat game I work on now and then. Currently I am on a bit of a break from the project to focus on other things.

I had the pleasure of working as a contractor for the snowboarding game Shredders. I redesigned the render pipeline to support a multitude of snow-related effects and worked on various lighting and shader stuff.
I also designed and implemented the atmospheric system, volumetric clouds and volumetric fog.

OverCloud was my volumetric sky and lighting plugin for Unity. It is no longer available, but I've left the website up for posterity. You can also visit the Unity forum thread.

Open source stuff


A model import processor for Unity that bakes ambient occlusion and curvature information into vertex colors.


A minimal atmospheric scattering implementation for Unity that aims to be easy to understand and use as a platform for further work.


A tiny, GPU-based Bent Normal and Ambient Occlusion baker for Unity. The successor to BNAO.


A small GPU-based component designed to aid in cleaning and refining satellite/DEM based terrains directly inside Unity.


A simple mesh decal component for Unity, based on the algorithm described by David Rosen.


A tiny, GPU-based Bent Normal and Ambient Occlusion baker for Unity. Succeeded by BakerBoy.


A custom shader for Unity which renders cheap volumetric tracers.


A static utility class for Unity which handles generating and loading periodic, cloud-like (perlin-worley) 3D noise textures on the GPU.


A Monte Carlo path tracer implemented on the GPU in Unity, using Signed Distance Fields.


If you'd like to get in contact with me directly, you can do so at fewes17@gmail.com.