Felix Westin's Portfolio

About me
This is me Hi there!

My name is Felix Willebrand Westin. I am a 26 year old Swede currently residing in Norrköping, Sweden

In my youth I developed a strong interest for technology, software and graphics. After studying IT at Chalmers for a year I quit to work at DICE as a 3D graphics contractor for half a year. After this I spent two years on my personal project at the time, which was creating 3D content for the online game Dota 2.
After this I decided I wanted to become a software engineer, so I enrolled at Linköpings University, where I am currently attending the Media Technology program.
During my time at the university I have found the time to work on a lot of personal projects, as well as take on various responsibilites in student organizations, several of them as a leading role.

My areas of expertise lie in 3D and graphics programming, gameplay programming and project management.
I have strong skills in virtual reality, 3D modeling, texturing and lighting.
I also have some skills in animation and rigging.
My personal interest are 3D, shaders and gameplay programming, virtual reality and lighting.

Over the years I have worked on a lot of things and developed many prototypes. What follows is a mostly complete list of these in descending chronological order.
Depending on the scale of the project there might be images, animated GIFs or videos.

UHawk - VR action flight game

Celery - Cel/Toon-shader for Unity

GPU-driven water physics

Top-down shooter prototype 2

First-person shooter prototype

Ray-marched volumetric cloud system

Top-down shooter prototype 1

Spright - 2D lighting solution for Unity

Sub-surface scattering shader

VR action game prototype

Polyslice - Dynamic cutting of 2D hull-shapes

DSL Engine - 2D engine with deferred lighting and advanced particle physics